Cranleigh Brick and Tile works

Enabling development to secure the remediation of a contaminated site.

Planning approval for the remediation and restoration of a heavily contaminated site in the Surrey countryside has recently been approved by Waverley Borough Council. The site, at Cranleigh Brick and Tile works, has a history of being a chemical works and contamination in the form of heavy metals and asbestos have affected the site. The scheme involved a capping option together with enabling development in the form of 19 houses.

A site identified as highly contaminated, as a result of Its historic use as a munitions store, chemical works and more recently a brick works and quarry has resulted in significant levels of contamination.  This is in the form of heavy metals, asbestos and other chemical pollutants resulting in harm to the local environment and Cranleigh Waters. The scheme involved a technical engineering solution and has resulted in the permission for enabling development in the form of 19 new houses.

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