KLW Secure Draft Allocation for 2,000 New Homes


We are pleased to confirm that Kember Loudon Williams has secured a draft allocation in the Mid Sussex Local Plan for the provision of 2,000 new homes on land to the South of Reeds Lane at Sayers Common. The new community is supported through the allocation by a range of employment, retail and community facilities, with Primary and Secondary Schools, Community buildings (including library and healthcare provision) and a wide range of leisure / sports facilities being provided on site. The integration of these facilities / uses and the overall design of the urban extension is founded on the principles of Garden Village design and is centred on a new mixed-use neighbourhood centre.

Working closely the Mid Sussex District Council in the development of the masterplan, we prepared comprehensive submissions to present a clear vision for the area and the sustainable benefits of carefully growing Sayers Common. To achieve this and coordinate the promotion we have worked closely with a wide range of professionals within the following disciplines: urban design and master-planning, landscape and visual impact, transport, movement and access, ecology and biodiversity, archaeology, drainage engineers and many more. This collaborative approach informed the creation of the integrated masterplan framework and ‘place making’ strategy for the Reeds Lane site.

Drawing upon this technical expertise / evidence we are pleased to have been able to successfully demonstrate that this ninety hectare plus site can deliver a truly sustainable community: delivering significant housing and economic benefits to the area.

We are looking forward to progressing this work to bring the vision to reality.